Discovering Stanley Marketplace in Aurora CO

If you're a resident or visitor of Aurora, CO, and you're looking for an exciting and unique shopping, dining, and entertainment experience, you need to visit the Stanley Marketplace. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular and thriving marketplaces in all of Colorado, with numerous occupants and an array of shopping and dining options. In this article, we'll take a closer look at Stanley Marketplace, its history, and why it's a must-visit destination.

What is Stanley Marketplace?

Stanley Marketplace is a former aviation building that has been transformed into a thriving marketplace, located in Aurora, CO. The market is named after its founder, Stanley Aviation, a company that used the building as a manufacturing plant for airplane ejector seats in the 1950s.

Today, Stanley Marketplace occupies 140,000 square feet of retail space and is home to more than 50 local and independently owned businesses. Some of these businesses include restaurants, coffee shops, craft breweries, boutiques, art galleries, and other creative small businesses.

The History of Stanley Marketplace

The Stanley Aviation building that houses the marketplace was built in 1954 for the Stanley Aviation Corporation. The company specialized in building airplane ejector seats for the U.S. Navy. The building was functional until the 1990s, after which it was abandoned and in severe disrepair.

In 2014, developers, including Mark Shaker, came up with the idea of transforming the historic building into a retail and entertainment destination for the Aurora community. After extensive renovations, Stanley Marketplace opened its doors to the public on September 22, 2016, and has been thriving ever since.

The Shopping Experience

One of the most appealing aspects of Stanley Marketplace is the shopping experience. The marketplace is home to a wide range of vendors, each with its unique niche. Here, you'll find everything from clothing stores to gift shops, bookstores, and more.

One of the standout shops is the Miette et Chocolat boutique, which features an extensive selection of artisan chocolates, macarons, truffles, and other sweet treats. You'll also find the Boho Living store, which sells a wide range of unique items, including home decor, fragrances, and clothing.

Dining Options

Stanley Marketplace doesn't disappoint in the food department either. The market features diverse dining options, such as Denver Biscuit Co., which serves up some of the most delicious biscuits in Colorado. There's also Cheluna Brewery, which offers a wide range of beer, including Mexican lagers, seasonal brews, and more.

Other dining options include the Rolling Smoke BBQ, Comida Mexican Kitchen, and Rosenberg's Bagels & Delicatessen. Whether you're in the mood for a light snack or a full meal, you're sure to find something that suits your taste buds at Stanley Marketplace.

Expert Opinion

According to Chris Martinez, president and CEO of the Aurora Chamber of Commerce, \"Stanley Marketplace has become a must-visit destination for both locals and visitors to Aurora. The marketplace offers a unique blend of shopping, dining, and entertainment options that cater to a diverse audience. With its rich history and focus on local and independent businesses, Stanley Marketplace has become a vital part of the Aurora community.\"

Visiting Stanley Marketplace

Stanley Marketplace is open seven days a week, from 8 am to 9 pm. The marketplace is located at 2501 Dallas St, Aurora, CO, and is easily accessible from major highways and roads. Parking is free and plentiful, and the marketplace is also accessible by public transportation.

In conclusion, Stanley Marketplace is a unique and vibrant marketplace that offers a shopping, dining, and entertainment experience like no other. With its rich history, diverse offerings, and focus on local and independent businesses, Stanley Marketplace is a must-visit destination for anyone in Aurora, CO, and the surrounding areas. So plan a visit today and experience the magic of Stanley Marketplace for yourself!

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